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Giving Your College Search Direction

How do you decide what college is going to be right for you? Pressure from friends and family, inconsistent messaging from colleges, and continually rising costs can make it seem like an impossible task.



While I have thoroughly enjoyed my years working in college admissions my true passion has always been to help students navigate the admissions process in pursuit of their academic goals.  I hope better understanding how I approach college advising will help you decide if I am the right choice to work with your family.

YOU are the expert on what you need to be confident in your college choice.  My role is to add my expertise to make the process less intimidating and more accessible.  I am here to offer individualized service based on the needs of you and your family.  My hope is on your first day of college you are somewhere you are excited about and proud to attend; secure in the knowledge you've explored all your options and used every resource available.

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