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College Acceptances Include...

Two years ago, my daughter was starting the process of college applications. As a single mother of two, I found myself wondering where I will find the time and information to help us through this intimidating process. Here is when Kate took over; she took the time to demystify the admissions process. She taught my daughter how to approach admission applications in a systematic and organized way based on the target schools. She remained patient and available throughout the period. Once during a stressful period she even invited us for a home cooked meal and counseled my daughter after serving us a sumptuous meal. Thank you Kate for all your help. Because of you my daughter is now in a school that she had always dreamed of! I cannot wait to work with you soon as my son is now looking for colleges!

~Soophia A

At the beginning of my senior year, I was a ball of stress and worry. The time to apply to colleges had arrived, and I had absolutely no idea how to even begin chipping away at the foreboding process that would be my life for the next six months. Luckily, I was able to finally find my footing, and for that, all credit goes to Kate. Kate helped me narrow down a list of colleges and plan out how I would tackle each application. Not only did she provide me with great advice and direction, but also with emotional support during this stressful period, and was available to me every step of the way. Thanks to her, today I attend my dream school and am absolutely loving it. Kate, I can not thank you enough for all your help!!


~Zoha A

Presentation Reviews

"I walked in a little skeptical because I had predicted that it was gonna just be another generic lecture, but I was really surprised at the insights they brought to the table"


"I was impressed by how personalized the session was; the ladies leading the discussion were very knowledgeable and open to answering individual questions"


"I went in a little confused because I didn't have much direction for writing my essays; now I have a better sense of what to do."